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Kaufmans Schule

    The KMS – that is the Berufskoleg Kaufmannsschule, a vocational college in the city of Krefeld, Germany. With about 3,000 students and 130 teachers, the KMS is Krefeld’s biggest school.
The KMS is the center of vocational training in the field of business and administration. It is the only school in Krefeld that is responsible for the whole commercial vocational training and further education of students of Krefeld and the whole region. Since 1887 the KMS has been renowned for a consolidated, practical-oriented education.

    In 2011, our school had the first contact with the KMS
In September, 2012,Mr Zang Qilin,the president of our school, together with Mr Huangpu Zhixin, deputy director of Suzhou Education Bureau, went to the KMS to investigate and discuss cooperation between the two schools. On May 31st,2013, the visiting mission of KMS arrived at our school. On June 1st, the presidents of two schools, Mr Zang Qilin and Mr Hilmar attended the signing ceremony, and signed the “cooperation agreement of two schools”.

    Since 2014, our school has received three batches of teachers and students from KMS and also has dispatched three batches of teachers and students to KMS for a short term study tour, which highly increased the communication and understanding of the teachers and students of both two countries.







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