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Helsinki Business College

    Located in the capital of Finland, Helsinki Business College is a member of the CHINET League of Vocational Colleges in Finland and has around 2700 full-time students. Founded in 1881, this College was established to meet the needs of the business development in Helsinki. Helsinki Business College is affiliated with the Helsinki chamber of Commerce (with a total of 6000 member units) and the Helsinki Business College Foundation. With a history of more than one hundred years, this college provides a high quality vocational education for Finland.


    In 2006, we signed a preliminary cooperation agreement with Helsinki Business College. From 2007 to 2016, teachers and students from both parties were sent out to experience cultural exchanges and on-the-job learning programs. In 2009, a delegation from Helsinki Business College paid a visit to Mr. He Muning, the Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai with the company of our International Exchange Department. In 2010, CHINET coordinator MS Helena, representing the five cooperative colleges, signed a memorandum of cooperation with our school. In 2011, the delegations from Helsinki Business College and Tampere Vocational College in Tredu visited our school, and discussed about a training program on global business management leadership, which was officially launched with great success in 2013. In 2013, Mr. Pasi Kandare, leader of vocational education in Finland, with the delegation from Finland’s National Education Commission, came to discuss the further cooperation with Mr. Zang Qilin and Mr. Zhang Yiqun, the school leaders.


    During the past decade, we have achieved a great success through our cooperation. Both students and teachers benefited a lot.








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