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About Us


Suzhou is the center of the Wu culture as a wonderful flower of Chinese culture, blooming in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Taihu Lake. As early as 2,500 years ago, one of the five overlords of China, the King of Wu, ordered his Prime Minister Wu to build the capital City of Wu。This is known as the ancient city of Suzhou. As Suzhou was the center, the people of Wu have been working hard for thousands of years of vicissitudes, to build a rich and colorful regional culture. The people left us with such magnificent beautiful temples; exquisite and elegant Su Fan, Wu School of Painting ; Suzhou embroidery, the Green Spiral with light fragrance; the magnificent Kunqu Opera and Suzhou Pingtan; and these are the embodiment of the people’s wisdom of Wu .
The series of traditional culture courses follow the principle of "experience" and give full play to the initiative and enthusiasm of learners, and let them feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture in practice. The culture courses they follow reflect not only the general characteristics of Chinese culture, but also the unique and regional characteristics of Suzhou’s culture.
We accept group applications
Minimum number of students :   10
Maximum number of students:   30
You may choose what you are interested in from a range of activities, course package is available, tailored activity-based courses are available as well. If you’d like to visit the factory, or museums, pricing will be provided accordingly.



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