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Online Chinese Language Training Course Launches

作者:刘文苗单位:国际交流处 发布时间:2021-12-1 15:41:16点击数量:38

On November 29th, the online Chinese class jointly established by STFI and the Laos New ASEAN Education Center officially launched. Twenty students from Vientiane City, Savannakhet Province, other places in Laos started a two-month practical Chinese course with the help of the online platform.

According to the friendly cooperation agreement between the two schools, STFI and Laos New ASEAN Education Center jointly planned and developed this course. This is also a new attempt made by STFI in response to the "One Belt, One Road" initiative and on the development path of vocational education "going out". At the opening ceremony, President Phouvieng of the New ASEAN Education Center of Laos emphasized that the high-speed rail between China and Laos is about to open, and the subsequent trade and tourism exchanges between the two countries must be more frequent, and Laos also needs more talents who can provide services to the two countries.

 In this training, full-time teachers of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in STFI served as the trainer. According to the characteristics of the age and educational level of the local students in Laos, a detailed teaching plan was developed. It highlights the practicality of elementary Chinese and combines the characteristics of Chinese culture and Jiangnan culture. 


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