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Online Signing Ceremony with VATEL

作者:刘文苗单位:国际交流处 发布时间:2021-12-3 15:35:08点击数量:75

On December 2nd, Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding with VATEL Hotel and Tourism Business School online. According to the Memo, our two schools will carry out in-depth cooperation in various aspects,such as communication exchanges and cultural interaction between China and France.Chinese students will have more opportunities to learn French management and elegant service; French students can get access to elaborate online intangible heritage courses and conduct real cultural experience activities when the time comes. 

During the on-line signing ceremony, Mr.Paul Dazemar, Director of International Relations at VATEL Hotel and Tourism Business School, delivered a speech on behalf of the university.He recalled the pleasant memory of visiting  Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute two years ago, and still remembered the international development effect of the school and the cultural atmosphere full of the characteristics of the south of the Yangtze River.He said that as an inclusive and cross-cultural university, VATEL Hotel and Tourism Business School welcomes and looks forward to in-depth cooperation and exchanges with a high-level vocational institution, which is also with both international characteristics and Chinese traditional cultural heritage.

The first engagement with VATEL Hotel and Tourism Business School originated in 2018, during which good interaction was maintained.Despite the fact of the epidemic, we overcame many difficulties. Through various forms of communication online, we finally signed the agreement to jointly plan for in-depth exchanges in the "post-epidemic" era, and accumulate more soft power for the transformation and upgrading of our school.


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