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Wu Qingwen, Deputy Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Committee of CPC and Acting Mayor, visited STFI Teacher's Day

作者:刘文苗单位:国际交流处 发布时间:2021-09-09 18:30:49点击数量:41

On September 9th, on the occasion of the 37th Teacher's Day, Wu Qingwen, acting mayor of Suzhou Municipal Government, visited STFI to carry out a teacher's day visit, sending his greetings and best wishes to the teachers who had worked on the front line of education.

Wu Qingwen shook hands with senior teachers, doctoral teachers, teaching innovation teams of state-level vocational education, labor models and youth backbone teachers, and representatives of foreign teachers, and inquired in detail about the work and life of teachers, paying tribute to their selfless dedication and hard work.

Wu Qingwen and his team walked into the fourth floor of the Tourism and Culture Building, to visit Fan Making, Oliver Stone Carving, Suzhou-style Cheongsam and other Intangible Heritage master studios and teaching workshops, to know the school through the master studio and teaching workshop to build a "one office, one workshop" platform.

Wu Qingwen and other leaders took a photo with the representatives of outstanding teachers of Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute and put forward the sincere hope: to establish the vocational education with characteristic, to enrich the talents cultivation program and up level the teaching quality.


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