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Brooke Hartigan from China Australian Embassy Visiting STFI

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Ms. Brooke Hartigan from China Australian Embassy visited and researched the joint project co-held by STFI and Torrens University Australia on 22nd May.

Ms. Hartigan had a cordial talk with Mr. Zang Qilin, president, Mr. Zhang Yiqun and Mr. Fergus Macdougal Australia part on internationalized education. Mr. Zang briefed the general situation of our school, the progress made by the joint project, and etc. Ms Hartigan spoke highly of the achievements made by the project. As she said, she will contribute to promote the cooperation in-depth on a higher level. After the meeting, escorted by Mr. Zhang, Ms Hartigan looked around the Practical Training Building for Culture and Tourism, warmly communicated with the students and teachers there.





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