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Katherine Vickers from China Australian Embassy Visiting STFI

作者:吴青叶单位:国际交流处 发布时间:2018-01-23 11:07:32点击数量:122

6th December witnessed arrival Minister-Counselor Katherine Vickers from China Australian Embassy at STFI for visiting and researching joint project co-held by STFI and Australia Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School.

Counselor Katherine Vickers looked around Practical Training Building for Culture and Tourism, experienced Practical Training Rooms for ICH as well as Master Studios one by one. She also communicated with Ms. Zhou Ling, vice president and President John Nielsen from Australia part on internationalized education and talked with teachers and students of the project face to face. She sang praise without ceasing upon the achievement of our inheriting ICH skills, especially the creativity on the preservation and improvement of skills on traditional culture. As she said, she has heard of various features from many channels about the JVP in the school. Through this visit, she felt by herself characteristic experience on joint education of the school. As one of the Sino-Australia education joint project with longest running time, STFI has set up excellent post and example for collaboration and exchange of professional education between China and Australia. 


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