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Commencement for 2017 JVP Graduates

作者:吴青叶单位:国际交流处 发布时间:2017-09-29 10:59:06点击数量:83

Commencement for 2017 JVP graduates was held in Mingli Hall at 2 pm 22nd September. Through 2 years of study in JVP with whole English and high academic level, 77 graduates accomplished all credits and obtained their degree certificates.15 General Managers from top hotels in Suzhou, the team of foreign teachers, John T G Nielsen, Director of China Campus of Australia Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School of Torrens University as well as Zang Qilin, President of STFI were invited to the commencement.Last year, 56 graduates got their Associate Degree and diplomas of the program and they were the first group of Associate Degree obtainers of the program in Suzhou. In comparison, numbers of degree obtainers and students going to Australia for further study greatly increased in 2017, which again proves the mature implementation of the project as well as the advanced capability of cultivating talents for hotel managements. 


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