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International Communication

Charm of ICH Waters Sino-Germany Friendship

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The morning of 18th September witnessed exchange teachers and students from German Kaufmann School visiting our campus that was full of enthusiasm at the end of summer.“Hi, boys and girls, this way please, lets go to the Bonsai Garden to see the bonsai with Suzhou characteristics.” Ms. Zhou Ling, our vice president led managers from International Cultural Exchange Center and Finance Department to show Kaufmann teachers and students around the school. Depending on resources of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the school, International Cultural Exchange Center prepared a one-week cultural study course for them, including Suzhou-styled fans, K’o-ssu and embroidery making, cooking and appreciation of Suzhou Local Cuisine, Basic Shadow Boxing Training, Appreciation of Kunqu Opera and so on.



As a partner for traditional international collaboration and exchange, Kaufmann schools and our school send delegations of teachers and students to each other every year to carry out activities on cultural study and exchange. Charms of traditional culture and skills waters and blooms splendid Sino-Germany flower of friendship. ICH Inheritance plus Culture Export is our features and highlight for international exchange and spreading Chinese culture.




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