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Delegation of The Ohio State University coming for cultural exchange

作者:吴青叶单位:国际交流处 发布时间:2017-07-19 08:44:54点击数量:73

On July 19, a delegation from The Ohio State University of America, headed by Jian Xiaobin, professor of East Asian Language and Literature,have visit our school, and had talks on cooperation matters with Mr.Zang Qilin, President of our school.

During the meeting,Mr. Zang Qilin has introduced the work on the protecting and developing on non-material cultural heritage which has done by our school, recommended the cultural tour and short-term training  program for overseas students, and expressed the great  willing to organize cultural exchange for regular visit from The Ohio State University of America. Professor Jian said that The Ohio State University of America had been advocating and practicing “Experiencing type” teaching mode in Chinese language study and cultural research, which coincided with the type of teaching concept of our school. He was optimistic about vision of cooperation between both parties in the future.



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